Monday, October 18, 2010

Lumberjacks, Christmas Trees and other 5k runners of mention

This past weekend was a doozy! The lady and myself decided to do the Run Like Hell 5k at a local MMA gym here in Wichita.  We wanted to match. She wanted to be a Christmas Tree-so I had no choice but to be a Lumberjack.  We looked great and ran greater (27:00ish). 

Sunday came and vert skateboarding championships was on the tube so I decided to run while they were on.  Push treadmill button to 8.0 M.P.H.  Enjoy watching Shaun White beat PLG three times in a row and step off ten miles and 1 hour 15 minutes later.  Best part of my hour and 15 minute run??? No toilet breaks-must have been a Christmas tree miracle. 

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