Wednesday, March 16, 2011


There are certain things you aren't supposed to do in the running community:
1.  Talk bad about barefoot running (scraped foot idiots)
2.  Lie about a personal record (yesterday I ran a mile in 3 minutes-give or take a lap or two)
3. Run a road race without paying (also known as Bandito!)

Luckily I am not a member of the running community-I belong to the Toilet Runner community-and we have different rules.  So this past weekend I decided on a whim to run in the Wichita Shamrock 5k.  This decision was made at around 7:45 A.M. with the race beginning at 8:30.  I quickly threw on a green shirt (gotta blend in!)  and headed for the Wichita AA baseball stadium.  I was shocked when I made my way to the starting line and found that this race had around 600 participants (or so I was told), a costume contest, and a totally awesome kilt wearing bagpipe band (note for next year-get a kilt!)  I was even more shocked when I was told the race fee was 30 dollars-NOT going to be paying that. 

Bandito it is.   

It was cold so I was rockin my rad red Husker headband and hoppin up and down like a jackrabbit at the starting line.  I did my best to get stuck in the middle of groups so no one would notice my lack of a giant white race number (given to all participants) and the lack of a timing chip on my shoe.  The race started and I found my pace pretty well-around 6:16 at the first mile, the course had a lot of little rabbit hills that I attacked and passed some fools nicely on. 

I held my pace pretty well and did around 6:18 for the second mile-I was feeling strong-passed one of the two girls in front of me (sup ladies-the names Jef, get used to seein this butt in front of you), getting ready to turn towards the finish line when out of NOWHERE this "giant" rounding hill absolutely slowed me down like a grizzly bear on my back. 

Either way I finished-got around 10th-ish place (a Bandito Toilet Runner never knows such things) and got a 1 second personal record with 19:41.  I had much to be pleased with (especially the bagpipe band waiting at the finish line) as well as the lack of any stomach pains the entire 3.1 miles!!!  Thats a Toilet Runner miracle ladies and gents.   

Two last thoughts.  First-a 42 year old got first with a time of 15:07-thats like, 5 minute miles-what a beast he is!!!

Lastly-All of you runnners and toilet runners out there-am I allowed to claim 19:41 as my PR even though I was Bandito??  I hope so-because heaven forbid I have to add 1 second on my time when I brag : )  : )

Lawrence-Dumont Stadium  Stadium-start and finish line.